Flashing Fractal Poster

If you want to drive your co-workers completely bonkers put this poster up at work. It doesn't harm the eye but it definitely plays havoc with our visual senses.

If you stare at the design for a few seconds the art work will begin to flash and flutter in place. Only by staring at the center can you calm the jittering light show.

The flickering visuals happen as you look around the image. Different areas come into; and go out of focus extremely fast. Add to this, a constant barrage of rapid-fire, high contrast after images and the result is an out-of-control rage party for your light receptors.

This poster is called Fractal Illusion. I found it at Art.com, but it may be available at many poster stores.

From: 2000 Lifesmith Classic Fractals, Palmdale, CA.

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