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The Missing Corner Cube Illusion

This cube figure is unstable, and may suddenly turn into any one of three different aspects.

Aspect one: is a normal cube with a corner piece missing in the front. Aspect two: imagine the missing corner as a solid cube, floating in front of the larger cube. Aspect three: imagine the larger cube as a hollow room with two vertical walls. The missing corner piece sits in the far corner.

Most people realize two of these aspects right away. Can you achieve "closure" with all three aspects? The Missing Corner Cube is even more amazing in 3D. Be sure to check out our animated 3D cube exhibits in this section or better yet, build your own 3D Cube.

Closure is Psychology speak for, "get it," as in, do you get it? Closure is a one-way street. Once you get an illusion, it is almost impossible to un-get it.

Credits: C.L. Stong,  Scientific American,
The Amateur Scientist; Nov. 1974.
Art: R. Ausbourne

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