Ambiguous Figures Ambiguous means to have more than one meaning or aspect. An ambiguous figure can be seen as one thing, or another depending upon how you look at it. Sometimes it is easy to see the different aspects of an ambiguous figure, and sometimes you have to really look hard. Once you realize all aspects of a figure it is easier to flip between them in your mind's eye. Scientists tell us that no matter how fast you can flip between aspects you can never really see them at exactly the same time. Sometimes ambiguous figures can be animated too!

All is Vanity
All is Vanity
Charles Allen Gilbert
Vanity-like Images

Ambiguous Cubes
Cube or Room?
Missing Corner Illusion
Animated Cube
Animated Cube Var 1
Animated Cube Var 2
Animated Cube Var 3
Animated Cube Var 4
Animated Cube Var 5

Ambiguous People
Eskimo or Indian?
Husband or Father?
Old Man or Young?
Three Faces
Young or Old?

Barber Pole Illusion

Cone or Tunnel?

Dimples or Pimples?

Hollow Mask Illusion

Mach's Figure

Rabbit or Duck?

Reversible Goblet

How Many Tools?


Verbeek Cartoons

Violets or Hidden Profiles?


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