Distortion Illusions These illusions are driven by the way we organize the objects we look at. We do it all the time without thinking about it. Distortion illusions force us to realize that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes objects can look bigger, farther away, bent, or squashed. Sometimes the center of an object can wander out of place. Say goodbye to normal. Welcome to the world of distortions.

Ames Trapezoid

Anamorphic Images

Ball & Shadow Illusion

Biggest Illusion Ever!

Banana Card Illusion

Café Wall Illusion

Frazier's Spiral

Hering Illusion

Hidden Rope Trick

Kanizsa's Illusion I

Kanizsa's Illusion II

Mülller/Lyer Illusion

Mystic Wheel

Poggendorf's Illusion I

Poggendorf's Illusion II

Ponzo Illusion

Pyramid Illusion


Squashed Square

Tichener's Illusion

Transparency Illusion

Top Hat Illusion

Twisted Cord Illusion

Twisted Font

Where is the Center?

Who is the Biggest?

Zöllner's Illusion I

Zöllner's Illusion II


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